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Leftover is a highly customizable app for bookkeeping and budget control.

The goal of this app is to develop a good habit of bookkeeping and control your budget. We believe that instead of relying on automated bookkeeping, people get to know more about their spending when they do bookkeeping by hands.

With this app, you can define your own categories, tags, and items that you purchase frequently. Basically, you can define everything according to your own bookkeeping habits!

Key features:

1. Fast bookkeeping procedure: By defining your own one click add item, you can add transactions in one second!

2. Highly customizable: Customize your own categories, tags, one click items, and billing cycle according to your own bookkeeping habits.

3. Control and track your budget: Set up your monthly budget and the amount you want to save (even budget for categories!). We will help you to keep track of your spending and control your budget.

4. Money management: You can add tags to transactions. The tags will appear in your home page so that you can easily track and manipulate transactions later. You can also view transactions by their categories in the analytics page.

5. Useful tools: We have some useful tools for money management such as checklist, currency converter, repeat transactions management

6. Easy expense tracking: Sort transactions either by date or price. Or you can search them by names or dates.

7. Export data: Export data as csv file and send it to you via email.